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modern art and form

updated thu 12 apr 01


artimater on wed 11 apr 01

I would like to recommend to all of you the book titled "The =
Painted Form" by Thomas Wolfe....It explained for me a lot of the =
reasons behind the search for the "latest" good art.....It is a book =
that pretty much ridicules those who demand adherence to the latest =
theory....It follows the evolution of modern theory to the logical end =
whereby any physical representation of the artist original idea can only =
be a bastardization of that idea...The only valid art can only exist as =
an abstract in the mind of the artist....For me it allowed me to =
dispense with the theories(been there done that) and validated my loving =
hold on the art of the past....It allows the artist to pick and choose =
the style(styles) that hold meaning to that individual artist...If =
theory can only end in the total denial of any representation, then for =
artists to continue at all a step back had to be taken.....Free, free at =
last from the critics....Free, free at last from those who might attempt =
to know better than I what my art should be....Now it is purely a =
interaction between my god, my muse, and myself.....It made my idea of =
"good form" just as valid as anyone's....There would be no more kow =
towing and genuflecting to those who would force their aesthetic on =
me....AHHHH, free at last!!!!!=20
You guys can thank the author for all the venom you might have =
perceived in my posts to this list...Also his words are why I believe =
that the only valid function of art teachers is teaching technique
My little gift for April -Freedom for you all
with the Beach Boys blasting and the lightning crashing....headed your =
way David=20

"I only indulge when I've seen a snake, so I keep a supply of =
indulgences and snakes handy"