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how i broke a pot that sang a beautiful song.

updated thu 12 apr 01


africaunusual@MWEB.CO.ZA on wed 11 apr 01

On 10 Apr 2001, at 4:38, L. P. Skeen wrote:

> Dang, I hate when that happens to a good pot. I had a couple ruined
> in the last firing cuz of "stuff" that fell into them. :(

Hoo boy do I hate that! Been there!
> did the monkey get in the house in the first place?
Welllllllll the SO was home so I felt safe enough to have the top half
of the back door open. (Ever since I was attacked in my home,
when I am alone I am locked in like a damn penitentiary, who the
hell knows what my SO could do against an armed robber but one
likes to feel free sometimes ) Anyway in Africa one is seldom
far from wildlife, even though I live in a town, there is a game
reserve about 10 minutes drive away. Rhinos, hippos, giraffe.....
just a wild colonial gal that's me! Even if I did nearly pee my pants