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bison tools?

updated fri 12 mar 04


Bruce Girrell on thu 12 apr 01

Over the last two days I have tried to phone Bison Studios with no luck.
I'll spare you the tales of woe with less-than-helpful telephone operators.
The upshot is that the line has been disconnected and there is no other
listing for Bison Studios.

Does anyone know if Phil is still in business? Is there anyone in the Las
Vegas area that would be willing to check on this and report back?

Bruce Girrell in _warm_ northern Michigan
still ticked about dulling a freshly sharpened Kemper tool in less than a
minute last night. What do they use for steel in those things anyway?
Recycled fingernail clippings?

dreamsinclay on thu 11 mar 04

Great to have Clayart back up.....
I was having a bit of withdrawal....
After a long day in the studio..reading these posts
are my way of kicking back and doing some good
thinking and realxing...of coourse with a large cup of
tea...soooo thank you to those who worked so hard.
Reading alot about Bison tools...but have been unable
to find where to get them..or even see what they are.
It would be wonderful to get some really great
trimming tools. I understand that they are
expensive...but hey that's relative.
I go through tools like every few weeks..I produce
alot and find that my tools eventually thin out and
split in the center. Nothing more frustrating than
having pieces to tool and tools that are split....
So up till now I just look for sales on Kempers and
buy in quanity since I know that they will not go the
distance for me. I have tried other tools as well with
the same results.....
Would love more feedback on these Bison Tools and if
anyone has split one yet?
And ...where can I get them?
Thanks and have a beautiful day

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