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adding ash to commercial ^6 oxy glazes?

updated tue 10 apr 01


Jeremy McLeod on mon 9 apr 01

I'm just beginning the process of using commercially prepared ^6 oxidation glazes in my
home studio and, yes, I want to push them into more interesting realms than they are
designed to do.

After browsing the archives I'm left with some basic questions of proportions.

Let's suppose I'm using a Spectrum ^6 glaze out of the bottle and want to add ash to the

Besides thinning the glaze down to pourable consistency, what would be a goodly amount of
wood ash (out of the bbq, burned for just this purpose) to add to this mix? The recipes I
see look like as much as 50% of a "from scratch" glaze would be ash. How might that
translate into something tinkered with at home?

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips.

Jeremy McLeod