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kiln help?/fast-fire wood

updated mon 9 apr 01


rohde on sat 7 apr 01

the kiln i built is the oslen fast-fire. in a way I had to do a few things
different on it. but for the most part it is the same.

Mark & Sylvia Mondloch on sat 7 apr 01

how often should I stoke the fire, how many pieces of wood, how big of
how often do you clean the amber from the floor of the fire boxes?
do you clean the amber out when the reach the top of the bars in the fire
is it a bad thing to let the amber go above the bar?

I think it would be helpful if you would be more specific about what kind of
kiln you built and how you fired it. Did you build the Olsen fast-fire,
Phoenix, a hybrid?? In my Phoenix, I start with large firewood size chunks
at the firebox mouth- stoking about every 20-30 minutes. I switch to
progressively smaller diameter wood stoked more often as the firing
progresses. By the end I'm stoking a handful of sticks every few minutes. I
do not let the coal build up to the grates- that chokes mine off. Coal
build-up can be reduced by: 1. grates spaced closer together 2. burning
softwood instead of hardwood 3. raking the coal bed often (I don't remove
any coal)

Mark & Sylvia Mondloch
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