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glaze, ^6, oxy, warty turquoise

updated mon 9 apr 01


Cindy Strnad on sun 8 apr 01

Warty Turquoise ^6
CUSTER FELDSPAR..... 5.00 5.00%
FRIT 3134........... 30.00 30.00%
FLINT............... 38.00 38.00%
DOLOMITE............ 5.00 5.00%
WHITING............. 16.00 16.00%
BENTOLITE L......... 2.00 2.00%
*Copper Carbonate.... 4.00 4.00%

CaO 0.79* 21.03%
MgO 0.07* 1.37%
K2O 0.01* 0.61%
Na2O 0.13* 3.80%
TiO2 0.00 0.01%
Al2O3 0.03 1.39%
B2O3 0.25 8.14%
SiO2 2.22 63.64%
Fe2O3 0.00 0.01%

Cost/kg 1.85
Si:Al 77.75
SiB:Al 86.34
Expan 7.39

I wanted to make Val's Turquoise, but I made Warty Turquoise instead. For
those of you who like funky glazes, this is just the thing. I accidentally
transposed the amount of Custer Spar incorrectly. The above recipe is
re-totaled and decimal point free, but my original mistake was to write down
14 grams of Custer Spar instead of 138 g. for a 500 g. batch. Please! Don't
ask, okay?

Anyhow, this little test pot is decorated all over with warts and blurbles
and bubbles in a thick, cauldronesque style somewhat reminiscent of the
mudpots of Yellowstone Park--only turquoise, of course. One can almost smell
the sulfur and feel the heat and steam on one's face. A real "mood" glaze.
Add a cone of incense and you'll really have something.

I mean to try the *real* Val's turquoise next firing. After all, I only need
to add more Custer Spar. Will let you know what transpires. A good reason
for keeping records, guys. That way you at least know *what* dumb mistake
you made.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730