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3 books

updated mon 9 apr 01


Cat Jarosz on sat 7 apr 01

I think my choice of books now would change from what it was 20 yrs
ago or less.... but there are a few that have meant bunches to me...

1) Robin Hoppers Functional Pottery sure meant the world to me in the
University setting and I ended up taking a workshop held in Asheville by
him just so I could tell him how much that one book taught and inspired
me .... cool book if your trying to self teach yourself functional
pottery... There may be others out there now but back in the 80's there
really wasnt much imfo and that book was chock full of imfo...

2 ) the ART of Firing by Nils Lou and olsens Kiln Book

3) the potters complete book of clay and glazes by Chappell or the
revised addition by Rhodes but I think my newest book What every
potter should know by some Zack fella I ran around NCECA looking for to
sign my copy that I had dragged all the way from home LOL most excellent
book for your collection , a great resource .

yep choosing 3 would be hard to do and then there is
the ash glazes and copper red glaze books , tile making in architecture ,
shino's, wood firing kilns soda kilns and soo much to learn out there
and not enough time off from regular production to be able to do it all
..... sigh I need a clone ... Cat