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updated fri 6 apr 01


Saralyn Lindsey on thu 5 apr 01

Hi all,
First, I would like to thank you all for those
reassuring words about the kiln in my studio set-up. I
feel more confident in actually firing it for the
first time, of course after my husband gets it
attached from the envirovent to the new hole he will
make in the foundation. In the meantime, my next
question is about a project that I began over the
winter, when I had lots of time to try new thing
(although for me trying new things in pottery is a way
of life), in regard to trying to make small fountains.
I saw some of the fountains you real potters made and
displayed on your web sites, and decided that they
were really neat and wanted to try making some myself.
What I did was to first make a "box" type base using
slabs that I put together with small coils and slip (I
think that is what you call dilute clay?). Next I
threw some small bowls, cut them off to open the
bottom, for the pump, and then cut out a half loop
sort of thing for the cord to come out, and now all
are s-l-o-w-ly drying. My question is how do I combine
all these parts to actually make the fountain? Do I
just sit the inner bowl type stuff in the middle of my
box, or do I have to attach it, and if so how? It is
hard for me to visualize it all together. Thanks in
advance for responding to my query. Sandy Lindsey in
Mystic, CT, where it is going to be 58 today, Hooray!

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