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chinese kilns/ water dissociation

updated fri 6 apr 01


Dannon Rhudy on thu 5 apr 01

Joseph Herbert said:
.....>This idea crops up repeatedly and I have some problems with it. The
>dissociation of a water molecule requires VERY high temperatures. One
>source from the "make hydrogen from solar energy" research arena states that
>dissociation STARTS at 1800 Kelvin which is 1527 C. or Cone 20. The

Joseph Herbert and Tom Buck are correct in this. I
merely repeated what Vandiver had said, though I knew
it was not worded properly. Sorry about that, refer to Tom
Buck's explanation of what goes on when the water enters
the kiln.

The send button is too close. I'll read what I
write, next time.


Dannon Rhudy