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books from interlibrary loans: good reading

updated fri 6 apr 01


Marianne Lombardo on wed 4 apr 01

Thanks to whoever it was that made the suggestion about obtaining books =
from interlibrary loan. My library was finally able to find a couple =
for me. =20

Our household is just getting over a nasty flu virus of some sort (yes, =
we had our flu shots), so I've had lots of time to do nothing but read =
books, when I'm not sleeping.

Great book by Don Davis called Wheel-Thrown Ceramics. Very clear =
instructions with lots of illustrations. For a book geared towards a =
beginner, it's very well done indeed. =20

There are some photos of many very beautiful pots. I really like the =

A suggestion for anyone in this group that may be writing such a book in =
the future is that the one thing that seems to be lacking in every =
pottery book I've read, is a lack of clear illustrations on various ways =
to use ribs. I was never shown any kind of rib when I took my classes; =
didn't even know they existed. Now when I try to use them, I just end =
up either ripping my pot apart, or snagging it, or getting areas too =
thin. As a result, I'm becoming fairly proficient using just my =
hands/fingers, but it would be nice to do some magic with ribs.

Marianne Lombardo
Omemee, Ontario, Canada