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updated thu 5 apr 01


Erika Wilson on wed 4 apr 01

I am looking for a college/university in the US (preferably the Western US)
with a good ceramics program. I am interested in learning to produce
functional ware. I want a program that focuses on technical information,
such as formulating glazes and firing with different types of kilns
(including gas and wood), as well as artistic considerations.

I have been living in Japan were I have been studying pottery on a part-time
basis, but in order to further my studies, I am considering returning to the
US to learn what I have been unable to pick up here with my limited Japanese

One university that I found on the internet that seems like it might have a
program that fits my needs is Northern Arizona University, but it is hard to
tell from a website alone. Can anyone provide more information on this

Thank you for your help.

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