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updated thu 5 apr 01


taube wilson on wed 4 apr 01

Hi All,
I borrowed a friend's copy of the Hopper revision of Rhodes'
"Clay and Glazes for the Potter" and compared it to my old version
of Rhodes(Revised Edn-1973). Here are the major differences I

1)There are new sections by Richard Burkett, Tony Hansen and
Ron Roy on glaze calculation software
2)There's a new section by Jeff Zameck on soda glazing
3)The Table of Ceramic Raw Materials has been expanded
4)All of the glazes in the Appendix have been replaced with safe,
lead free recipes.
5)The chart of "Approx.Firing Ranges of Fluxes" is in color, showing
the "Approx.Incandescent Color inside kiln during firing".
6)Warnings about the safety of materials and processes have been
added throughout the book
7)There are an enormous number of color photos of gorgeous pots.

Also, a few sections have been rearranged and slightly reworded.

I learned to do glaze calculations from this book - it's one of the
mainstays of my library. I decided that I didn't need the new
edition, but if the topics above are of major interest to you, you
may want to spring for it.

-Taube Wilson
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