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update on art and thanks all

updated fri 30 mar 01


Bobbi Bassett on thu 29 mar 01

To all who have kept Art in their thoughts we thank you so much.

He came through the Cath with no adverse effects. They were unable to get to
one part of the heart to see if it is blocked even though they spend 2 hours
and various size catheters trying. The area they are concerned about has not
opened with RX and the doctor is sending his films to Washington Hospital
(DC) to see what they have to say. We are praying they can operate. Art
really was funny about it. He told the doctor not to forget to put his middle
name on the films....." Cheney". Got a big chuckle from the doctor.

In the meantime he has been instructed to play couch potato for 2 days along
with the usual do not's (drive, lift, etc.) Then just take it easy until we

We are both very sad not to have made it to NCECA. I called the temporary
office in Charlotte to tell them and ask to have the Exhibit Catalog, for
which we prepaid, mailed to us. A volunteered answered and I requested a call
back from someone in authority. I know the cancellation deadline has passed,
but I am going to ask for an exception for at least part of our 2 prepaid
conference fees. No one plans to be in the hospital with a heart problem and
being studio potters we are far from wealthy. An exception would be a huge
blessing!! Wish us luck!!

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and concern. I'll keep you posted.

Bobbi in PA