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stainton workshop running

updated tue 3 apr 01


Charles on mon 2 apr 01

Folks, our Ian Stainton workshop is up and running for this weekend. We =
have room for a few more people.
Workshops are a great way to jump start your creativity, don't miss out! =

The Creative Oasis is located at 133 E. Beaver Avenue State College PA
(814) 237-1982

Personally, I can't recommend this workshop enough. I have known of =
for about 10 years now, his skills are so far developed I am not sure if
there is anything he can't do. I know he works for 9 production studios =
needed. When they get behind, they fly him in so they can catch up. He =
throw 600-800 mugs a day -PERFECTLY in a number of styles. When not =
for someone else, he makes his personal work, which takes the skills he =
earned as a production potter and transforms them into one of a kind
masterpieces. This is the man who can help you with ANY throwing =
you may have.
-Charles Hughes

Workshop Description:
My workshop will benefit all potters, even if you don't want to become a
production potter. These techniques will improve throwing for the =
and accomplished potter. Skill level: Workshop attendees should be able =
center and throw basic cylinders and bowls without assistance.

Over the years I have demonstrated to thousands of studio visitors and =
enjoyed leading workshops designed to increase productivity as well as
creativity. This workshop is designed to increase throwing skills and
possibly speed. I will share many of the techniques I have developed and
honed over the past 22 years of daily throwing.. methods and techniques
which otherwise might take years to acquire.
This workshop will center on a series of demonstrations with ample
opportunity for discussion, troubleshooting and practice. Demonstrations
will be interspersed with directed exercises. (One experience will =
each participant in assembling a teapot). Participants are welcome to =
pots which may be causing problems in the making process and hopefully =
will decrease those problems.
Demonstrations will include: Production techniques for speed and =
accuracy in
forming a wide array of forms, methods to minimize problems such as =
in wide-based pieces, how to form different types of spouts, lids and
handles with special attention given to finishing touches, throwing and
trimming with an emphasis on simple, efficient tools, how to throw using
less movement.
Date: April 7th & 8th
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Fee: $115.00
Materials: Students are encouraged to bring 25 lbs. of the clay they
routinely use and their own personal throwing tools. Studio clay, brown
stoneware, will be provided for the workshop participants use.
Notes: Participants are encouraged to arrive early to check in. =
hours for practicing after the completion of the workshop will be until =

Comments about the Artist:

Danny Stainton is a thrower of great accomplishment. To watch him work =
to realize all over again the fascination that drew us to the wheel and =
processes in the first place. He makes many potters look like putterers.
There are three kinds of potters: those who are transfixed by =
of great skill, and those who are intimidated by them. Somewhere in the
middle are those of us who are inspired by skillful throwers; who find =
to be a valuable resource, especially if we can study with them, even =
for a
short while. Danny Stainton is such an inspiration. His expertise, =
of forms, and economy of movement are exceptional. He could very well =
up and do what he can do as long as his body can tolerate it, but his
willingness to interact with others by teaching seems to me to be a most
human complement to the fine pots he makes for daily use. Jack Troy

Check out our AMAZING workshop series
Pottery in Central PA will never be the same!
Next is Ian Stainton, a potter with technical skills surpassing =
ANYONE'S I have ever seen
This is the man who can shore up ANY throwing problems you may have.
Check him out!