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glaze calculations software

updated sat 31 mar 01


will edwards on fri 30 mar 01


Software for running analysis of materials can be a great asset but you a=
need to have some basic understanding on some of the materials regarding
certain technical aspects when entering a formulae. (Unless of course tha=
t is
built into the program like MATRIX) Lawrence Ewing I believe would be wil=
to answer those of you who are interested in his software. He is the
programmer and I find him a great person to deal with as well!

I use 3 software glaze calculations systems. I use MATRIX which I find ve=
good and has those bells and whistles there for the purpose of being ergo=
and easy to understand for most anyone while also having additional tools=
fully comprehend the results. It also can help you fix or find ways to ga=
better results and MATRIX does include a grid for automatic line blending=
suppose you could call it? No job is too big or too small once you learn =
to use all the great aspects of this software. (Improvements are always b=
looked at and he stays on top of the software advancements that make it b=
and better)

It comes loaded for bear. You can put up pictures of your fired glaze for=

latter comparisons. You can toy with the formulations any which way you l=
and prior to saving them you can take a look and see if they fall within =
limits we call known values for such. However they are other services one=

could choose to pick from. I just think the bell's and Whistles sometimes=
great additions to alert those wishing to learn more. They are also the o=
note-book and hand held calculator that works well too!

No need for me to discuss why I use so many methods really. I just love t=
differences I find in programs and I use it to re-check my own work while=
tuning some new additions to the book I have been working on. The latest =
results came back which were all done using MATRIX and they all were good=
go. This means that the analytical materials entered into MATRIX as well =
those I added must be good indicators that what materials are entered are=

within satisfactory levels for such analytical out-put. Only good imput c=
equal good outcome. And of course I did re-check to make certain the
information matched well for my purposes.

William Edwards
Alchemy 101

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