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deadline for ian stainton workshop

updated sat 31 mar 01


Charles on fri 30 mar 01

April 1st is the deadline for registration for Ian "Danny" Stainton's =
workshop April 7th and 8th at R&T's Creative Oasis 133 E. Beaver Avenue, =
State College, PA 16801 (814) 237-1982 =

Pre-registration is required!=20

I can't recommend this workshop enough. I have known of Danny
for about 10 years now, his skills are so far developed I am not sure if
there is anything he can't do. I know he works for 9 production studios =
needed. When they get behind, they fly him in so they can catch up. He =
throw 600-800 mugs a day -PERFECTLY in a number of styles. When not =
for someone else, he makes his personal work, which takes the skills he =
earned as a production potter and transforms them into one of a kind
masterpieces. This is the man who can help you with ANY throwing =
you may have.
-Charles Hughes

Danny Stainton is a thrower of great accomplishment. To watch him work =
to realize all over again the fascination that drew us to the wheel and =
processes in the first place. He makes many potters look like putterers.
There are three kinds of potters: those who are transfixed by =
of great skill, and those who are intimidated by them. Somewhere in the
middle are those of us who are inspired by skillful throwers; who find =
to be a valuable resource, especially if we can study with them, even =
for a
short while. Danny Stainton is such an inspiration. His expertise, =
of forms, and economy of movement are exceptional. He could very well =
up and do what he can do as long as his body can tolerate it, but his
willingness to interact with others by teaching seems to me to be a most
human complement to the fine pots he makes for daily use. -Jack Troy