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contact your small business development center for help with business

updated tue 3 apr 01


jeff seefeldt on mon 2 apr 01


I'm a loan officer in real life, my secret life as a potter is carried out
in the privacy of my basement.

The people I've worked with at the SBDC are some of the best at what they do
anywhere. Their name says it all. They help people establish small
businesses, this can be anything from a home based business to a small
manufacturing firm that employs 50 - 100 people.

They help with business plans, financial statements and direction.

please feel free to email me if you'd like any more info about SBDC's.


ps,, for loans under $100K, look at SBA's website for Low Doc loans ( low
documentation) and for loans over $100K in town of 50,000 population or less
contact USDA Rural Development. Yes, the Dept of Agrictulture can help with
pottery loans, they just want to create jobs that stabalize and build small
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