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updated sat 31 mar 01


Helen Bates on fri 30 mar 01

This is the Guild Com web site at Ashford Art. It's an immense site,
and very complicated to navigate.

The best way to go if you know the artist's name is to do a search by
artist (left hand column, part way down) and see what comes up.
Relatively few of the artists can be found through the "search by
medium" or "search by category" function.

If you just want to browse ceramics, use the "Please Choose How to
Shop" "Search Home Furnishings by"
"Select Any or All series of selections. There are over 700
individual pieces you can view in this way, and they can be enlarged,
and you can also choose to see all the work on site of any artist you
particularly like.

Should keep you going for days.


Helen Bates