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advice please re: guild/school studio

updated thu 29 mar 01


Penni Stoddart on wed 28 mar 01

I am a member of a fast growing guild. We currently have a studio space =
in an artisans centre which has provided for our guild well until the =
current growth in members. Our studio is about 300 square feet and we =
need to enlarge it (read move).
My query is this...
If you work in a common studio space, guild space, school or have done =
so in the past can you please pass on ANY information regarding such =
space. If you have floor plans or pictures that would be a bonus. =
Include what you would change and why or what you think was done right. =
Also the equipment available, costs (membership, firing etc.) and =
responsibilities of the potters using the space.
I know this is alot to ask for but my guild and I would really =
appreciate any feedback we can get so that we do it right the first =
Thanks so much for your help. You can contact me off list at:
Penni Stoddart of Penelope's Pots
President, Artisans London (Ontario, Canada)
LPG web site Manager

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