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workshops in tahoe

updated thu 22 mar 01


Sheri Leigh on wed 21 mar 01

Hi Clayarters,
We have a great line up of workshops this summer, and I'd be happy to mail =
anyone a copy of our schedule. Please join us each Tuesday night during =
the workshops for our "Meet the Artists" night at 7pm. It's free and open =
to the public. The artists teaching that week will share their thoughts on =
their work and then afterwards we'll have a reception in our gallery which =
will have all of the summer artists represented.
We'll have a table in the non-profit area at NCECA where we'll be giving =
out free posters and have the schedules and other info too. Plus we'll =
have our bumper stickers for sale too!

This summer we have the following ceramic workshops:
June 11th - 15th Brian Ransom "Ceramic Sounding Sculptural Forms"
June 15th - 17th Jimmy Clark "Pinch Pots and Pit Firing/ Ancient Methods =
for Modern Times"
June 18th - 22nd Susan Filley "Porcelain: with only a Touch of Refinement=
June 25th - 29th John Balistreri "Making Sculpture Using the Potter's =
July 9th - 13th Marilyn Lysohir "Chocolate, Tattooed Ladies and Free =
July 13th - 15th Tony Natsoulas "Portraits, Fun and Funky"
July 16th - 20th Randy Brodnax "Fast Fire Pottree, Throwing and Firing =
July 23rd - 27th Jane Dillon "Up the Stage Lights! Pots in Sets"
July 30th - August 3rd Andrew Watson "Towards a Mastery of Clay, =
Beginning Wheelthrowing"
August 10th - 12th Andrew Martin "Mold Making, Slip Casting, and =

We're also offering two glassblowing workshops with Ed Broadfield, July =
23rd - August 3rd and August 6th - 10th.

Please e-mail me at to request a schedule or to =
ask questions or visit , or call me at =
See you at NCECA, or in gorgeous Tahoe!

Sheri Leigh=20
Summer Workshops Director
Ceramics Instructor=20
Sierra Nevada College
999 Tahoe Blvd.
Incline Village, NV 89451 USA
800.332.8666 (9-5pm Pacific time)
775.831.1314 x5039