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sv: glaze vs. form

updated sat 24 mar 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on fri 23 mar 01

Dear Clayart,
Am I surprised to read this from Mel? No, as it appears to be Mel's =
gift and ability to put few small words together and tell the entire =

As I wonder through glazetown as an adult, I know what I am looking for =
are those few good glazes. Not perfect, not everything about testing =
come to a screeching halt, just dependable and nice. Often I trim pots =
and speculate what sort of glaze they will get. I wish I had a =
wood/ash/salt, etc. kiln, so the results would be more elusive than WoDo =
white with WoDo rutile. But such as it is with electric cone 6, I hope =
for a good form with a nice fitting blanket. Thanks Mel for putting the =
pot first again. It is so easy to get focused on packaging and not =

Short story about packaging,
Every Christmas my family was given a big huge box from some of my =
father's customers of his corrugated box factory.

We got the biggest from Scott towels. My Dad would come home with this =
gigantic square, corrugated brown, made by my Dad box, with special =
Christmas decorations, and we kids were so anxious to get into it, =
well, it was almost too much. Always had to wait until after dinner and =
the dishes were washed. Finally my father, with his special box opening =
knife, would open the flaps, lifting one at a time for an eternity, and =
WOW, this was absoulute glee, riches, bells, whistles, we were the =
luckiest kids ever. The box always contained the same stuff year after =
year. Kleenex tissues, toilet paper and a gift for the lady of the =
house (stink water). All that excitiment over a thrilling box, filled =
with toilet paper.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark

many potters spend most of their adult lives
> looking for a great glaze to put on their pots.
> if they spent the same amount of time on the
> form and design of the pot, well, almost any glaze would do.
, they are made from clay.
> research is a part of all of us. just keep a balance.
> mel