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sex, lies and video tapes

updated mon 26 mar 01


clennell on sun 25 mar 01

Sour Cherry Pottery

> I also noticed that Sheila an Tony Clennell will be having a 2 day workshop
> in State College, PA at The Creative Oasis
> (
> l.html) on April 28th and 29th. I wonder if they will be talking "How To
> Make Handmade Cane Handles" also.
> John Cieply

Dear john: I luv a Dear John letter. how's this- Dear John: I sent your
saddle home.
Yes, we are in PA in april. there will be lots of pots,talk of sex, a few
lies and of course a mini demo on the making of cane handles and
the emphasis of the workshop though is the making of pots. We entitled the
workshop "In Spite of Ourselves" because in spite of ourselves we seem to
make a living at pots. Woodfire and shino glazes ain't the favourites of the
masses. I think that what keeps us afloat is that the pots are interesting
and well made!
I used to call the workshop "Taking the macho outta bigware" but people
thought it was about bigware. It is about using a sectional throwing
technique that I have used for the making of almost all our pots-
teapots,casseroles, bowls, plates, jugs, vases and jars. It makes the job of
throwing a whole lot easier to master. I think it is of particuliar interest
to wheel people. the wheel is our extruder, our slab roller, our only
method of making. sheila does do handlbuilt spouts and lids but the slab is
made on the wheel.
Whenever I think of driving in PA, I think of Harry Chapins song- 50,000 lbs
of Bananas. I'll be careful on hills.