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raku instructional video/taking orders

updated wed 21 mar 01


HUTCHINS, RICARDO on tue 20 mar 01

Hello, my name is Ricardo Hutchins, and I have just comepleted an
educational documentary on the contemporary Raku firing process. The
film is 40 mins long, and I will be attensing NCECA presenting this
video. The video gives a quick demonstration on making artwork, but
32 of the video's 40 minutes are of Raku firing footage of sculpture
of up to 30" in height. The work is carried both with tongs and thck
newspaper stacks that ignite as the red-hot work is litterally picked
up with the paper. EXCITING stuff. I also am the co-founder of the
anual Raku Art Fest that takes place in tTerre Haute Indiana. Anyone
interrested please feel comfortable to contact me. The video sells
for $30, and priority mail shipping is recommended. I will have
limited quantities at NCECA for sale. A presentation is also planned
for NCECA. See you there, ans feel free to contact me any time. The
video is gauranteed t please- or your money back. thanks.
My home # is. (812) 460-1319