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mist fountains (a question, and a product review)

updated sat 24 mar 01


Cindy Strnad on thu 22 mar 01

Hi, Guys.

Well, after reading all the posts about the misting fountains, I looked
around and purchased a case (12) of them from . They arrived yesterday, and I'm
very pleased with them. The service was good, and the salesman friendly and
helpful. Thanks to the person who posted this link.

I paid $29.95 each (case price), and also bought a case of regulators
(around $8 each--I don't remember for sure) to decrease the output. The
regulators are supposed to enable you to protect the furniture from
overflowing mist. I haven't got those yet, but am told they should arrive

These fountains produce a mist that looks like the hovering fog you get with
dry ice. It spills over the side of the bowl in wisps. There is also a
slight fountain effect at the center, where tiny droplets of water pop a
little way into the air. Some of these droplets land outside the perimeter
of the 14" dish that I set my bowl in. The fog also leaves a damp patch
around the perimeter of the dish. As even 14" in diameter is rather a large
piece to expect my customers to find a home for, I think the regulators will
be essential.

The mist-producing component is slightly larger than a lip-balm jar--without
measuring it, I'm thinking about 3.5 cm diameter, and 4 cm high, including a
"roll-bar" thing that protrudes above the unit and contains a shut-off
switch for when the water gets low. Your container must be filled to around
4 cm above the unit itself (not above the "roll-bar" switch). Too deep or
too shallow a water level, and the unit will not produce as much mist.

So, I'm thinking a very wide, shallow (but not too shallow) bowl, on
separate little feet to raise it up and allow mist to pass under it. I
theorize that this may keep the mist from rebounding off the base of the
bowl and escaping the wide, somewhat deep dish I will place under the bowl.

The mist seems to look most attractive in a white bowl, which does make
sense. You can add a drop or two of some pleasant essential oil for
diffusion throughout the room. The degree of diffusion will depend on air
currents in the room.

I asked the salesman what made the fountains work, and what they do to the
atmosphere. This is what he told me:

"They work on an electrical ultrasonic oscillation. They are beneficial and
charge the air with negative ions (the good ones). They are fantastic. Our
larger Avalon Mist Generator puts out about 7-10x the amount of the Mist

I don't understand this explanation, and if anyone is able to elaborate on
it, I would appreciate a simpler version.

So, that's my story. Hope it's of interest to the folks who were talking
about these fountains a while back.

Cindy Strnad
Earthen Vessels Pottery
RR 1, Box 51
Custer, SD 57730