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kiln loading query

updated fri 23 mar 01


Penni Stoddart on thu 22 mar 01

I have a chess board to bisque fire and since this is my fourth attempt and
the first time I got it this far I would like some advice.
My kiln is an OLD amaco and is 18"x18" square. The chess board as it sits
right now (and I made it big on purpose) is just slightly larger then my
kiln shelves (it will shrink now and again in glazing so I needed to allow
for that).
Should I...
1) fire it flat on the top shelf so that nothing touches it?
2) fire it flat but turned slightly to allow for stilts on a lower shelf? or
3) fire it on it's edge (vertical) -i have been told this is best for flat

I have some other pieces, tiles, a couple of large house sculptures and some
mugs and jugs to fire as well. Obviously I couldn't fit it all in if I
decide to go vertical but am willing to do 2 bisque firings if neccessary.

While I'm at it..... my old amaco is flaking rust off and my last glaze
firing had stuff at the top shelf covered in bits. Besides putting a top
shelf on over all my ware is there some way I can paint the kiln -oven paint
perhaps or engine paint?
Thanks in advance for your advice and insight,
Penni Stoddart of Penelope's Pots
President, Artisans London (Ontario, Canada)
LPG web site Manager

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