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updated thu 22 mar 01


John Neilson on wed 21 mar 01

Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village, an American history museum complex,
is now accepting applications for two internship positions. Greenfield
Village is a ninety-acre National Historic Landmark with over 100 historic
sites and is the largest outdoor museum in the world, spanning 300 plus
years of American history. The internships are one year in length and are
intended to begin between mid-May and mid-June of 2001. Both internships are
paid positions.

Ceramics Internship:
The ceramics internship provides a unique opportunity to learn and develop a
range of ceramic techniques and skills while working in the village pottery
shop. The intern will assist with all aspects of producing early American
redware and stoneware pottery. Responsibilities will include mixing clay,
molding dishware, throwing vessel forms, jiggering, slip decorating, loading
and firing electric and salt kilns, and providing demonstrations to the
public. The intern will research historical decorations and forms for
possible inclusion in the existing ceramic production line. The intern will
also be granted limited time for personal exploration.

Glass Internship:
The glass internship offers an excellent opportunity to learn a wide variety
of glassmaking techniques. Throughout the program, the intern will
participate in the daily operations of an historical glass house.
Responsibilities will include assisting the glass craftspeople in production
of early American glassware, blowing standard production ware, assisting in
the maintenance of studio equipment, and presenting historical information
and demonstrations to the public. The intern will conduct research on
historical glassmaking traditions and techniques and will participate in the
development of future products. The intern will also be granted limited time
for personal exploration.

Successful internship candidates will have a B.F.A. or equivalent
experience, strong communication and presentation skills, and demonstrated
skill in the medium.

Deadline for application: April 1, 2001
To apply, please send the following: cover letter outlining background,
experience, and interest in the internship,
Resume, 5 slides of recent work, and a SASE
for return of slides.

Send application materials to: Internship Program
John Neilson, Transportation & Trades
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
P.O. Box 1970
20900 Oakwood Boulevard
Dearborn, MI 48121

For more information, visit our website ( or contact John
Neilson (