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glazes vs form #2

updated mon 26 mar 01


Joyce Lee on sat 24 mar 01

Whoops, somebody's going to think I learned nothing in Robin Hoppers
Glaze and Colour Development two week course. I learned a great deal ...
going in with zip, it was great to come out after approximately
168 hours in the class&lab feeling reasonably confident about developing
my own palette..... didn't know what a palette was when I went to
B.C.... thought it was just an easel. Since that time, I've been able to
take my base glazes and do the various blends with colourants in order
to achieve whatever look I'd like .... Robin really works to make that
class meaningful, and succeeds most definitely ... according to the
reaction of the very experienced production potters who were my fellow
students. (I was only accepted, being a complete newbie, because I
wheedled and begged and promised and called and called.... and there was
a cancellation at the last minute.) The others generally wanted some
new, great glazes, felt theirs were getting stale ... glazes that would
soon separate their customers' money from their wallets.... and were
thrilled with what they learned. Within the class, we created many
thousands and thousands of test tiles ... took pictures of them lined up
all around the huge patio ... gorgeous sight, indeed.... ^6, ^10, ^9...
oxidation and reduction ... majolica, also. Each assignment for the
course was tied individually to each student's statement concerning that
student's needs. At the end, we each received a notebook with ALL of the
assignments included... contained the work of every student! Incredible.

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