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thanks hank, firing

updated mon 19 mar 01


mel jacobson on sun 18 mar 01

it is amazing how this clayart thing works.

hank murrow taught dannon, while in oregon, to
soak at 1900 during cooling. they were doing iron reds, crystals etc.

it worked for her. she wrote me and said...`try this, you
will like it....` and i do that anyway for reds at 1750.

slow cooling is the key.

so, this last week i fired for the first time since the `event`. (illness, not
the dopey blue.)
all rhodes 32 and some paul yellow. (paul watkins)

could not get the kiln to do what i wanted... shut if off. rearranged
the shelves and fired the next day....went like a rocket.
did what dannon said. (of course) at 1850F on the cooling,
i held the kiln for two hours....soak. one burner half. oxidized.

it was the nicest firing i have had in years. not one glaze flaw.
everything was melted perfectly. i had placed one green pot
in the center that was supposed to be was all variegated
red and chun rutile blue. a keeper for the house.

always give credit.

this technique is perfect for someone learning to be patient.

Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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