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getting paid

updated tue 20 mar 01


ASHPOTS@AOL.COM on sat 17 mar 01

I also used to grow palms and other stuff. I had some palm slides in a hand
book of palms and did get paid but i would have done it for free to be
published in a book.
I guess i am too easy

Capt Mark

iandol on sun 18 mar 01

I think the rules will change from publisher to publisher.
Best deal I ever encountered was the publication group who commissioned =
a pro photographer familiar with "In House Style" to go with me to our =
I got paid for my text, the photographer got his fair recompense and the =
potter got a cheque to take care of loss of production for the time =
needed to do the shoot.
Yes, some publishers do value their clients. So it pays to ask about the =
ground rules. When you know them you make an informed choice. I think we =
call it freedom and democracy.
Ivor Lewis