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cookbooks/limericks: way ot

updated sat 17 mar 01


Pam on thu 15 mar 01

> no, no...lewing would make a limerick of it all.
> hush.
The listserver managed by mel
Will create a Cook Book as well
We'll know how to cook
>From this Clayart book
And mix up some glazes as well.
A Clayart Cook Book will be written
With this idea we are smitten
We'll show off our ware
And profer our fare
In format quite friendly and fittin'.
Open a can of black beans
Throw in some garlic and greens
Add pepper and spices
Zucchini in dices
Then cook and chow down, by all means.
How a hush puppy is born
Is by mixing some water and corn
Meal. Then you fry it
Gold brown and, oh my, it
Might need some butter, I warn.
Ta da. Sorry.
At least they're clean, even if they're bad.