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cookbook voting

updated mon 19 mar 01


Joyce Lee on sun 18 mar 01

I just completed following the clicks on Lisa's ClayartVoting page and
hope everybody interested in a Clayart Cookbook is also taking the time
to vote. We have until March 22. The effort and thought behind this
project is already evident even at the voting stage. Thank you, Lisa and
assistants. I am continually impressed by the diverse talents of this
group, as well as individual members' willingness to stand up and take a
turn. It's a warm feeling at my age, with my share of experience-created
pessimism ... well, no, that's too strong... more like a veil of doubt
..... to sense the eagerness to help that so many on this list offer.

In the Mojave where the sun beams, the earth is dry, and my instinct is
to join the rabbits in creating a depression in the sand to snuggle
into... with my head resting on new growth of tumbleweeds, which I could
stop and nibble now and then.