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clay preparation and firing help

updated sun 18 mar 01


Keith A on sat 17 mar 01

I would like to see if anyone has information on large scale clay
preparation. We have a roof tile factory in Turkey and we are having a
problem with lime pops. We do not do much clay prep. other than letting

it sit for a couple of days. After firing we are seeing white spots
show up in the roof tiles. I have been told a couple of different
reasons for this the first being poor clay prep. The other being low
fire. We have a Hoffman kiln that fires around 950 Celsius. If there
is a way of preparing the clay before running I would like to learn
more. The only problem is we use 100 tons of clay in an 8 hour day.
Any machinery would have to be able to keep up with this. If anyone
would like more information before trying to help please respond back.
I can send pictures of the problems and give more specific information
if asked a question. Any thing you will be able to help with is great
rather it be books, a clay company, or anything is greatly appreciated.
Thank you very much Keith Akdemir