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updated sun 18 mar 01


mel jacobson on sat 17 mar 01

just some thoughts.

i think the source of the asking is important.
i have given work to friends that are publishing,
and would anytime. if ron roy asked me, i would
send him a slide, but if a stranger, out of the blue
asked me, i would have second thoughts. i would
not know the material, the intent or what would
happen. i would ask for payment, or valid assurances.

i am more prone to giving support to projects that
i trust.

i really like including other people in works that i publish.
the more that you include, the more extended value your
writing has. it gives valid evidence as to your intent. that
includes the writing and the pictures. the piece that we
worked on with tom buck for cm, started by rick sherman, was a joy
to share. we did that for the memory of behrens. it took
several years to see that project finished. it was a group

so, what i am saying is, the source of the asking and the
doing has a great deal to do with pay, recognition, help
and support.

i paid tom buck to vet those recipes for cm `black shino`.
he did not get enough as far as i was concerned. it was
proper to pay him. i paid the photographer a great deal
to do my cover story in cm.

when i write about friends, i do the photos, shoot them, pay
for processing and do not ask a thing. i take the fee from
the magazine and break even.

i would not do that for someone that wanted to be promoted
for a career change. period.
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