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artist,writers and compensation

updated sat 17 mar 01


Elca Branman on fri 16 mar 01

David Hendley ,you are a being a troublemaker by bringing logic to bear
on this matter.(tongue firmly planted in cheek)

I think the whole issue devolves upon the degree to which people are
willing to work within a flawed system that exists, and then, having been
coopted or having enrolled, rationalize like mad, which all we humans
all do very well.

When the status quo works for someone,there is very little tendency to
to examine it.
Why should U.S.congressmen, for example, find fault with the disgusting
way elections are funded, or children of alumni at prestigious schools
complain about the affirmative action involved in giving them
preference?The response to the OJ Simpson verdict on the part of most
white people was a good example of this..great roars of indignation when
OJ beat the system,but hardly a peep in the past when large numbers of
black people were grossly victimized by the same flawed judicial system.

In my opinion reasonable questions would include the following :

Are these images essential to the book's success?
Is the psychic gratification and potential"fame"of being included in such
a book enough payment ?
Is anyone being exploited?
Do all parties to the arrangement(author, publisher and contributing
artists) have input or is the decision made only by some of the parties
Do all parties to the transaction have the same power ?
Is it worth the effort to change the system?

Since I am neither an author nor an included artist, my responses would
be of course easier,purer(joke) and abstract.

Elca Branman

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