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answer to vince.....terra sig waste

updated sat 17 mar 01


Jim V Brooks on fri 16 mar 01

Vince.. i have been making my "Terra Sig" .... for several years now.. by
mixing 75% EPK and 25% soday ash. I thin it down to the consistency for
real terra sig..brush it on --- polish with a soft cloth--. and fire to cone
010-08. I sometimes even put the "terra-sig" piece in a regular bisque
firing. So far i get about the same results as "real regular terra sig" .
I have had other people try it and they cannot tell the difference. Some
have told me they think they get better color from the pit firings.. but who
can tell that for sure..? . Try it..You might like it.. Jim in Denton..

P.S. it certainly is faster.!