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strobes and cookbooks

updated fri 16 mar 01


mel jacobson on thu 15 mar 01

my slave must have a power source, but there is no
on off switch. and i cannot find the battery.
it is a cute little thing. but, i always agree with bill.
he is a smart bugger.
i thought it got all crazy, like a male lightning bug when
it saw another flash, and just popped off.

cook books are compiled. not written.
at least ours will be compiled.
may have some drawings, pix of pots, and
good old fashioned formula for making food.
it will not have a matrix or a line blend.
well, maybe for drinks and spice blends.
hey, we could get tony hansen to do our
spice blends.
best, mel
tom buck could do all the food in moles.
no, no...lewing would make a limerick of it all.

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