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help! bisque firing large pieces!

updated fri 16 mar 01


Morgan Britt on thu 15 mar 01

Help fellow potters - I have a dilemma.

I have two Soldner biggies that I am bisque firing. As I'm fully
engulfed in the California gas/price wave I've got to think this out
economically. Everyone has an opinion as to what temperature the
chemical water burns out and I can start pumping my Geil (which can
climb REALLY fast, too fast) to finish off the firing. These are
relatively thick sculptures, several hollowed sections out but still
heavy forms with huge slab wings connected. They weigh from 200-300 lbs
each and have been allowed to dry for 3 months. They're in the Geil
candling now at about 200 degrees (24 hours so far). Can any expert on
large pieces give me an idea of a relatively safe firing schedule? Safe
to me would take four to five days to fire but I'll be bankrupt before I

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