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glaze test for oatmeal, cone 6, oxidation.

updated fri 16 mar 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on thu 15 mar 01

Oatmeal, cone 6, oxidation.
Source: Lela Martens, Canada

Tested on light, iron flecked, mid-range stoneware, fired to 1215c, soak =
30 minutes, oxidation.

51.6 Custerspar
5.6 Flint
18.8 Whiting
8.6 Zinc Oxide
15.4 Kaolin
10 Dolomite

2 Rutile
1.1 Nikkel Oxide

Forshammer Feldspar for Custerspar
All precents measured up or down to nearest whole decimal.

Resulted in a semi gloss to gloss. This test shows an intersting glaze =
that looks more like two glazes over each other. There is a dolomite =
white ground with a brown, syrup looking glaze over it that breaks and =
streaks. There are two brown gloss swells at the bottom edge of the =
glaze line that are almost drips.

Best regards,
Alisa in Denmark