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glaze test for behrens icy blue matt, cone 5, oxidation

updated fri 16 mar 01


Alisa og Claus Clausen on thu 15 mar 01

Icy blue matt, cone 5, oxidation.

Tested on light, iron flecked, midrange stoneware, fired to 1215c with a =
30 min. soak, oxidation.

15.8 Barium Carbonate
5.3 Whiting
12.1 Zinc oxide
52.8 Potash
4.9 Kaolin
9.1 Flint

3% Nikkel ox.

Forshammer feldspar for Potash
All precents were measured up or down to the nearest whole precent.

Resulted in a stable, gloss, honey brown. However, kiln fired hot, six =
cone was done, so this could be tried again for a blue if you fire to =
cone 5.

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