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soda glaze chemistry update needed

updated mon 12 mar 01


iandol on sat 10 mar 01

I have been thinking about bringing the old salt glaze kiln back into =
use. It will give me a chance to make tall decorative pots again. That =
is, if I can avoid the hazards of sodium chloride firings that seemed to =
initiate asthma by using sodium carbonate or one of the other cheap soda =
bearing salts.
So, what are current opinions about the chemical reactions when Sodium =
Carbonate, Bicarbonate, and Citrate are used with clays which mature =
upwards of Cone 10? Are there any health hazards other than those =
connected with particulate effluents?
I know there are advantages to be gained by using strong hot aqueous =
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia.