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selling/renting a studio

updated mon 12 mar 01


Rosanne Cleveland-King on sun 11 mar 01

After 24 years of making pots, I want to move on to doing something else
creative. I don't necessarily want to sell my studio at this point, as I
may want to make something special on occasion. I can see that there could
be problems with letting someone rent the studio, with health hazards, etc.
Is anyone on ClayArt cognizant of insurance policies that the "renter" could
carry himself, or have any ideas for me. I live in Berea, KY, a great area
for craft. I am sure I will have more questions as time goes on, this is a
decision I made last week.

Terrance Lazaroff on sun 11 mar 01


Call an insurance broker and they will tell you what is available and how
much. A renter should be able to get his own Liability policy. What you
may have to be sure of is that the policy covers the cost of your building
should they burn it down.