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second-hand kiln - help!

updated wed 14 mar 01


Oliver on mon 12 mar 01

I am considering buying a second-hand kiln. The make is West Coast Kilns,
an American manufacturer no longer in business.

It is from a school who have not used it in over 15 years! It has been
stored away, and appears to be in very good condition. It is quite large.
outside being about 4'6" square, and the inside about H34" x W36" x D17."

It is powered by gas, and comes with an extraction hood.

Question: I do not have a gas supply, can I run it from gas bottles? If not
can it be converted to Electric?

Question: Can a digital controller be retro-fit to it?

william schran on tue 13 mar 01

West Coast kilns are still in business, check for small ad in CM. I'm
going to order kiln from them soon.