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photos in books

updated tue 13 mar 01


mel jacobson on mon 12 mar 01

here is the other end of the story.

a local potter got a picture of one of his pieces in a book.
he is walking around with that book under his arm
all the time. whips it out at a heart beat.

tells people that this makes him one of the most famous
potters in the country.

well, that is fine, but in his own mind.

not being nasty...really nice guy, but a picture in a book
or magazine does not the potter make. it is the years
of firing and being that makes the potter.

if someone is working on a book or article, and they want
to include you...hell, that is an honor. do it.
it also is a real service to the author who is gathering the
materials. it is not easy. and the pay is low.
the kind of books that potters write are not meant to make
the author rich....they are meant to improve the craft. it is
mostly a work of honor.
Minnetonka, Minnesota, U.S.A.
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