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overfirings ruined my weekend! (from arnold)

updated wed 14 mar 01


Arnold Howard on tue 13 mar 01

Mary, please do not depend on the Kiln Sitter, or any other
temperature control device, to shut off at the proper time.
Temperature controls are mechanical devices that can fail.


1. Keep firing records, noting how long each firing takes. If a
firing takes longer than usual, at least you will know that
something might be wrong with the Kiln Sitter.

2. Observe the color of the kiln interior as the kiln approaches
shut-off temperature. With experience, you will know that the kiln
is getting too hot just by observing the firing chamber color.

3. Place witness cones on a shelf so that you can see them through
the peephole. If the kiln appears too hot or is taking too long to
fire, check the witness cones. They will bend when the ware has
fired to maturity and will indicate precisely when to shut off the
kiln. (If you position the cones correctly, you can see them fairly
easily even at cone 10.)

4. Check the Kiln Sitter adjustment with a firing gauge every few
firings. Also, make sure the rod travels freely in the porcelain

I hope this helps.


Arnold Howard

Before the end of the expected shut-off time, monitor the kiln
--- Mary LaFleur wrote:
> I have an older 3 cu ft. size Evenheat kiln that overfired the
> past two cone 04 firings. The cones melted in the kiln setter,
> the setter did not turn itself off, and I had to manually turn
> off the kiln after 7-8 hours when it normally takes only 5-6
> hours for a cone 04 firing. I bought the kiln used for $90 and
> fired it 35 times in the past year with 100% success. Does this
> sound like a simple kiln sitter repair? Or, time to buy a newer,
> more reliable one? Any advice appreciated!!!

Arnold Howard
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