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more yellow cone 6 glazes and pink (no stains)

updated sat 10 mar 01


Fabienne Micheline Cassman on fri 9 mar 01


I cracked the kiln open yesterday and pulled out my last tests in search of
a cone 6 yellow glaze without using stains. I'll spare you the not even
remotely yellow disasters except for the pink one since it just came up in
another thread.

Gregg Lamont was kind enough to share a base with me and which he finds
very versatile with colorants. I tried it with 10%, 5%, 2.5% and 1%
RIO. The 2.5% and 1% turned, mustard yellow and pale yellow, respectively;
not as yellow as the butterscotch I posted a few days ago though and matter.

Base #92 Rev.1 (Matt Base)
30 Custer spar
10 Dolomite
3 Lithium Carb
10 Whiting
12 OM-4 Ball
35 Silica
2 Bentonite
Colorant (see above)

The following was supposed to be yellow but it turned out matt pale pink no
imperfections and no hint of yellow in there (I forgot where I dug this one
out of though, sorry):

Original version bore the following title and notes: La Mot c/6 John Britt
via Susan @ Ceramics Canada, Calgary; this is a warm yellow and a nice
surface at c/6.... some pinholing with a fast firing.

41.75 Custer spar
18.45 Silica
15.53 EPK
6.80 Zinc oxide (I used calcined)
17.48 Whiting
Rutile 5.82
2 Bentonite (which I added since it was a pill to brush on otherwise)

My modified version which gives a nice satin yellowish pink:
33.83 Custer spar
35.49 Silica
12.31 EPK
12.92 Whiting
5.45 Zinc (calcined)
Rutile 5.82


Milky Way Ceramics

Yes, I have learned from my mistakes...
I can reproduce them exactly.