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kiln care/electric

updated fri 9 mar 01


mel jacobson on wed 7 mar 01

nothing like a good coat of itc 100, and some 213 on all metal parts,
and that includes the thermocouple.

i keep a small shopvac right in the kiln room. get under those
coils carefully, and suck out the goobers. once in awhile
a take my air hose and spray out the rod way.
i know, i know, mask, coveralls, gloves, safety glasses.
borrow great grandma's oxygen hose and put it under a
plastic bag over my head.

but, this is not a big deal. just keep things clean.
itc on a brush, dab on the rod, and holder. works like magic.
don't have to do 4 times a year. just once.

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