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hansen 5 x 20 glaze again /gas/electric ^6 glazes

updated mon 12 mar 01


Lorraine Pierce on sun 11 mar 01

Hi John...the 5X20 glaze takes color very well I found...a beautiful meaty
white with 10% zircopax; I particularly like this blue..the base glaze,
oxidation, with .5 RIO and 3% cobalt carb. The following greens are very
nice on a light or porcelain body. Additions of zircopaz 9%,tin5%, copper
7%, a greyed blue green where double dipped; Additions of rutile 5%, and
copper2% to the base, yield a transparent yellow green that settles nicely
revealing the throwing ridges.

These variations have NOT been tested for food safety, and were all fired in

Is anyone trying the ^6 insight glazes in a gas/electric reduction
atmosphere? The satin mat, 1214Z for instance. I am thinking of testing my
clay body that I have been using in oxidation, with an iron slip coating
after reading Mel's post on Rhodes (or Shaner's) 32. Let me know how you do
John. Lori in New Port Richey, Fl.