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handmade handles- the logic behind

updated tue 13 mar 01


clennell on mon 12 mar 01

Before Xmas and the event the Mayor and I started discussing taylor made
Cane Craft handles versus the roll yer own handles. I hadn't a clue where I
was coming from or going to- only that the importance of process is what
drives us. I laid awake last night and it came to me. What brought on our
video and why we are making our own handles? It has to do with a current
thread "Called Making a Living". In the past two years our pots seem to
moving from the kitchen to the livingroom. there is more money to be made
making livingroom pots than kitchen pots. Our teapots now are really
presentation pieces brought out for company. With the addition of our new
handles the small $65 teapot is now $125, the medium teapot once $85
(5-6cups) now $150 and the gallon once $150 now $200. Jars that were $24
are now $45. they are selling well at those price increases. We no longer
want to make vast quantities of pots. We want to make fewer pots more
carefully and the handle sets ours apart and therefore gives us the
confidence to charge more.
As potters in 2001 we are selling wants and not needs. No one needs our
pots. We try to make them as interesting as possible so that customers want
P.S As for the common man. a guy that drives a grease truck ( sucks grease
out of deep fryers) coveralls, steel toed boots slick with grease buys some
of our nicest work. he handles the pots like he is being charmed by a cobra.
When you think you have it pegged, you're wrong!