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fw: re: getting paid for photos in book long i'm afraid.

updated wed 14 mar 01


philrogers pottery on tue 13 mar 01

I am resending this one as I think it has slipped through the net, =
forgive me if it has been posted but I have not received it.
I think it is important to read this one in relation to my previous post =
on the same subject. The whole issue is an important one especially now =
as we see a great rebirth of ceramic publishing unlike anything since =
the twenties and thirties.


> Do I detect the smell of burning martyr?
> I believe you are wrong and there seems little sense in repeating my =
> for they are in my previous post.
> I will say however, that you seem to be making such a mountain from a =
> molehill in getting your slides prepared. Do it yourself! I am not a
> professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination but I do =
> all my own slides with the most basic of equipment and they are O.K. =
> enough for publication I think, I hope; I've never had any complaints
> anyway.
> I would be happy to fax you the details of my set up if you would like =
> primitive as it is. I take 36 slides for about $25.00. Aside of the =
> the set up costs about $90.00.
> Exposure is a large part of making it as a craft maker. Its a tough =
> and you have to play the game for the greater good. The words spite =
and nose
> come to mind!
> Oh, and one other thing. Do you imagine these books just appear? I =
have been
> working on the current one for almost two years. I dread to think of =
> hours I have put into it. I am not going to go into the details of
> recompense but I can assure you it isn't very much. That's not a =
> though. I have enjoyed writing them and I know from people who have =
been in
> them that opportunities have arisen from the exposure which I am very
> pleased about.
> Phil.
> Phil and Lynne Rogers,
> Lower Cefn Faes,
> Powys. LD6 5LT.
> Tel/fax. (44) 01597 810875.