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updated thu 15 mar 01


L. P. Skeen on tue 13 mar 01

Ok, I have done some research and have questions for the gang. Please =
read all the way to the bottom of this message before you hit Reply.

1. Do we want a hardbound book or a sprial bound book?
a. Hardbound is prettier, but
b. Spiral bound will lie down flat for actual use

2. How much are you as an individual willing to pay for your copy of =
a book like this?
a. will you just buy one, or
b. will you buy more than one, as gifts, etc.

3. Are you willing to submit =20
a. Recipes only
b. Recipes and photo of your pots
4. Who do we want to benefit from the sales profits?

In order NOT to clog the list and not to confuse me, I have set up a =
group on Smartgroups where you can go and cast your vote on issues =
related to the cookbook only. The group is called CLAYART VOTING. You =
will have to join in order to vote, but you will not receive email from =
individuals; you will only receive notification when a vote is put up. =
Then you go vote, and that's it.

click here to go join and vote.

L. P. Skeen
Living Tree Pottery & Handmade Soaps
Summerfield, NC
"I have to take my paycheck to the bank; it's too little to go there by =

Lili Krakowski on wed 14 mar 01

Gee. When I sugggested a cookbook with glaze recipes on facing pages with
edible/food recipoes on facing page, I did not know "here goes a
landslide." One of the many instances where a tongue in cheek remark
starts something serious. (Like the Friday afternoon when God said: Ok
Angels what do we do this afternoon!)

My vote is: spiral bound. I liked the idea of a pot suitable for the
recipe being shown on the food recipe page.

I think we might find a real publisher. Last time I checked getting one
ofthose outfits to do it would cost about $15 per copy.
Maybe we can sweet talk CM into doing it, or the American Ceramic Society;
even some generous business like Koehler might think this neat. Some food
mag might.

I think at $20-25 it would sell at NCECA, or at workshops etc. And I'd buy
a few just to GIVE. (I bet Mel's mother has some outofthis world
Scandinavian recipes.... And if Joyce Lee is a Lee as in China vs. Lee as
in Gettysburg...oh wow!!!

Lili Krakowski